EARTH (2016)
Soil, cotton seed and flowers, threads, raw fiber, etc.
W 110 x L 200 (cm)

악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L1
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L2
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악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S9L3
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S9L4
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S9L5
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Our first installation EARTH in November 2016 at the Gana Art Center in Seoul, is the matrix of our following works like NUMEN and FERMENTATION.

EARTH is a 11mx 2m line of soil on the floor.

From an extremity to the other, the cycle of textile’s birth, life and death is placed in an continuity of diverse elements.

Starting from seeds in the soil, cotton’s flowers, threads, raw fiber becoming woven fabric, up to the final garment decaying and returning to the soil in the fumes of burning incense.

This “ashes to ashes” process is part of our research about the cycle of the impermanence and the principle of eternal circulation.
*전시 이력 : GANA ART CENTER - SEOUL AUCTION / 가나아트센터 서울옥션
10 JUNE 2015 - 26 JULY 2015

photo by Lauren
photo by Daniel Kapelian
photo by Kyoung Young Gil