“Please Touch The Thread” Jacquard by Google 1st Artist residency
TREE OF LIGHT by OMA Space – 16th to 20th October – 2019 (Installation)
at Le Mobilier National – Paris

presented by
Le Mobilier National – Google Art & Culture

with the support of French Ministry of Culture, Jacquard by Google, FIAC!

Immersive Experience
by OMA Space

악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S7L3
악세사리 차콜 색상 이미지-S1L2
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L3
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L4
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L5
악세사리 상품 이미지-S1L6
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L7
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L8
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L9
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L10
악세사리 차콜 색상 이미지-S1L11
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L12

Addressing the matter of humankind’s disconnection from the harmonizing power of nature,and from the self, our art is deeply inspired by zen based spirituality, primitive forms and rituals. 
Coping with growing stress and the accelerated pace of our everyday lives, our attention is required everywhere in multiples directions, in constant distraction. 
Human attention is geared towards the outside with permanent interactions and dynamics disrupts the link of humans with their own self. 

In this context, the goal of this particular work is to gear human attention towards the inside, to offer people experience for recollection and reconnection with life's essential state of awareness.

Using ancient techniques and new technologies,we wish to reconnect humans to their inner selves through immersive, meditative experiences.

We have been particularly fascinated by the primordial form of ancient circling processes, of people moving with ritual awareness around central vertical forms such as trees, pillars, columns, cloisters, bonfires, totems and towers.

Inspired by the circular slow walk meditation of Zen Buddhist monks around pagodas, we intend to create a contemporary ritual walk that brings the participants into more intimate contact with their deepest, most interior self.

Participants were asked to walk slowly barefoot, observing and consciously feeling their steps, to experience the interaction of textile texture, sound and light through the contact of their feet.

In a circular procession, people walk along a spiral path through translucid indigo textile walls, with interactive steps triggering sequences of guiding light and sound.
As they slowly walk along the 100 steps barefoot, they can sense the gradual change from rough to delicate feel, and from noise to silence all along this path, guided in a unique inner-journeying toward a solitary exploratory moment.

TREE OF LIGHT has been shown for the first time in the exhibition
PLEASE TOUCH THE THREAD – PRIERE DE TOUCHER LE FIL – October 16th to 20th – 2019 at Le Mobilier National in Paris

The exhibition was presented by Le Mobilier National – Google Art & Culture with the support of French Ministry of Culture,
Jacquard by Google, and FIAC!

PLEASE TOUCH THE THREAD was a celebration of ancestral savoir-faire meeting state-of-the-art technological innovation,
concluding the first artist residency initiated by Jacquard by Google, in partnership with Le Mobilier National.

Three international artists – OMA Space, Chloé Bensahel and Amor Muñoz –
have shown three installations redefining sensory interactions through Jacquard by Google technology.

This exhibition has proven that “Tree of Light” is truly a ground-breaking statement of the OMA Space's capacities to create and offer a true experience of authentic transcendence.

“Tree of Light” has received a unanimously positive response from those who experienced this unique multi-sensory immersion.

It provided the studio with a very confident “proof of concept” that validates the effectiveness of this visioning-experience itself.
It affirms the core spirit of the project, beyond just the constituent parts of its minimal aesthetic, its crafted theatrical set up, and the synchronized light and sonic guidance that undergirds the entire experience.

This harmonious chemistry of traditional craft techniques and the latest technologies is now fully synchronized and mastered. Inspired and gratified by the fulsome reaction to our first installation in Le Mobilier National, OMA Space is working on the next iterations of “Tree of Light”.

Future designs will feature a plug-and-play installation, and the studio will propose adapted and enhanced versions, both for indoor and outdoor settings, matching the capabilities of this experience to a wide variety of settings and spaces, including in wild natural contexts (forests, etc.) as well as versions tailored to specific modern architectural environments.

Google Jacquard 의 혁신적인 공헌과, 몰입적이고 명상적인 경험을 통해 사람들의 내면과 연결하여 진정한 자아와 만날 수 있는 기회를 만듭니다.

현대를 사는 인간은 외부와 지속적으로 접촉하고, 필요에 대한 대응을 신속하게 해야 하므로 삶의 속도는 빨라지고, 스트레스는 증가하게 됩니다
TREE OF LIGHT 는 사람들에게 각자의 시간과 공간을 제공하고, 자신의 감각 변화를 알아 차려 의식의 변환을 체험하게 하려고 합니다.

우리는 걷기 명상에서 얻은 영감으로 컨템포러리한 의식의 길을 (ritual walk) 만들었습니다.
참가자들에게 맨발로 천천히 걸으며, 발걸음을 관찰하고 의식적으로 느끼며
발의 접촉을 통해 섬유의 질감, 소리 그리고 빛의 상호작용을 경험하도록 합니다.

원형의 행렬에서 사람들은 빛의 가이드와 함께 한걸음 한걸음씩 나선형의 길을 따라 걷게 됩니다.
100 여개의 스텝을 천천히 맨발로 따라 걸으며, 섬유의 거친 느낌에서 섬세한 느낌, 소음에서 침묵 으로의 점차적인 변화를 느낄 수 있습니다.

참가자들은 반투명 인디고 텍스타일로 이루어진 나선형 통로를 지나 마침내 센터에 도달하게 됩니다.
고요와 정적 안, 이곳에서 자아 마져도 사라지는 공(空)의 세계,
즉 우주와 하나가 되는 허공의 순간을 빛과 함께 경험합니다.

빛의 한줄기… 빛의 한 점…


photos by Leo Cannone
photos by OMA Space