오마 스페이스는 고대로부터 현재까지 이어져 온 친환경 소재인 “삼(麻)” 을 통해 HEMP MOVEMENT 프로젝트를 진행하고 있습니다.
삼(Hemp)은 미래를 지속해주는 첨단의 원료로 인식되고 있으며, 특히 기후변화를 체감하고 있는 현대 사회에서 중요한 역할을 할 수 있는 식물 입니다.
오마 스페이스는 이러한 “삼(麻)”의 역할을 혁신적이고 예술적으로 승화시켜, 인간을 포함한 지구상의 모든 생명체의 서식 환경과 생존에 대한 문제가 조금이라도 해결되길 바라며, 인류의 지속가능한 삶을 위해 새로운 대안을 제시할 것입니다.
“HEMP BAG” 시리즈는 HEMP MOVEMENT 프로젝트의 일환으로, 전통 삼 재배의 명맥이 끊이지 않고 이어질 수 있도록, 지역 공동체를 활성화 시켜 삼(麻)과 관련된 문화.디자인 상품을 창의적으로 개발한 첫번째 시도 입니다.
이러한 시도를 시작으로 “삼(麻)”에 대한 확장된 비젼을 제시하고 다양한 방면에 적용할 계획입니다.
OMA Space is carrying out the HEMP MOVEMENT project with “Hemp”, an eco-friendly material that has been passed down from ancient times to the present.
Hemp is a plant that can play an important role in modern society, which is recognized as a cutting-edge material that sustains the future, especially climate change.
OMA Space hopes to solve the problems of habitat and survival of all living things on earth, including humans, by innovatively and artistically sublimating the role of “Hemp”.
And we will present new alternatives for the sustainable life of mankind.
The “HEMP BAG” series is part of the HEMP MOVEMENT project, so that the legacy of traditional hemp cultivation can be continued without disappearing, by revitalizing the local community. This is the first attempt to creatively develop a design product related to hemp in Korea. This project led by Jang Jiu, researched and harvested by Lee Chan-sik, woven by the community of Bo-sung province in Korea. The bag series was designed and made by Kyoung-young Gil.
Starting with these attempts, we plan to present an expanded vision for “Hemp (麻)” and apply it to various fields.
Farming and hemp use is a worldwide industrial trend showing the enormous potential of this plant.
In botanic and traditional indigenous cultures, hemp is called “The Mother Plant” for its place at the top of the vegetal hierarchy.
12000 years ago, the Agricultural Revolution started the domestication of plants, and hemp was one of the first cultivations. Today, hemp is a metaphor for our sustainable future, providing many different uses, capacities, benefits, and advanced materials playing an important role in facing the climate crisis.
It’s a Trojan horse into our devastating extractive economic system to demonstrate we can do things differently, in harmony with Nature and grounded in biophilia, the love for life in the greatest sense.
Hemp was part of Korean culture for centuries, and it was an essentialtituent of the craft tradition for making textiles, papers, and objects.
This long craft tradition has vanished since the 1980′. Today, just a small amount of people are growing and creating hemp.
Few of them are collaborating and calling for a revival of the Korean hemp tradition in contemporary forms.
THE HEMP MOVEMENT video – 2021 – (5:30mn short film loop)
A trailer for the Hemp Movement, an artistic and community project led by Jang Jiu and Lee Chan-sik.
They made the film during the summer harvest of the hemp in Lee Chan-sik’s plantation. It shows the handmade process to transform the vegetal fibers into threads for textile creations.
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