ELEVATION - FILM - GYEONGGI SINAWI ORCHESTRA SEOUL - 2021 Daniel Kapelian - director - creator of background videos - a long feature film about the Elevation meditative concert with Orchestra directed by Maestro Won il. OMA Space - costumes.
Maestro Won il, director and conductor of the Gyeonggi Sinawi Orchestra invited
Daniel Kapelian to create the first concert of the Mediation Concerts Series and to film it.
This film, ELEVATION, gathers around 60 musicians and shows Korean traditional music in a new aesthetic approach.
The film was broadcasted on Naver TV in Korea.
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L3
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L5
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L6
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L4
악세사리 차콜 색상 이미지-S1L12
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L8
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L10
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악세사리 그레이블루 색상 이미지-S1L20
악세사리 라벤더 색상 이미지-S1L21
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