NEXT WORLD FORUM 2022 - RIYADH Daniel Kapelian / curator and producer of digital art activations - neuro design and AI installations, and NFT gallery.
During the NEXT WORLD FORUM 2022 in Riyadh Daniel Kapelian has curated and produced a digital art exhibition with two installations from French artist Maurice Benayoun and one NFT exhibition.
BRAIN FACTORY (Value of Values) - Neuro design installation with EEG - blockchain - NFT. Visitors shape a form with their brain and become owners of their own NFT, they can print their form in 2D or 3D in various materials and scales. 
POWER CHESS - Two robotic arms with artificial intelligence play chess by mimicking human emotions.
REVOLUTION - NFT exhibition - 45 NFTs with emblematic artworks from different currents and a selection of Saudi and regional artists. Curated with OX4RT.

legends for picture NEXT WORLD FORUM
BRAIN FACTORY - NEURO DESIGN - BLOCKCHAIN - NFT - artist : Maurice Benayoun 
POWER CHESS - ROBOTIC - AI - artist : Maurice Benayoun 
GAS & LOVE - NFT - artist : Muhcine Ennou 
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L2
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L3
악세사리 상품상세 이미지-S1L4
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L5
악세사리 모델 착용 이미지-S1L6