OMA Space – Seoul

We craft and we design traditional textiles into contemporary forms.


We are Jang Jiu, Daniel Kapelian and Gil Kyoung-young.

Our studio, OMA Space, is based in Seoul.

We craft and we design traditional textiles into contemporary forms for

Contemporary Art
Craft and Design, Garments and Interiors



OMA Space is an art and design studio based in Seoul.
The team is composed by Jang Jiu (founder and director), Daniel Kapelian (art director and partner) and Kyoungyoung Gil (designer and partner).

Advocating a return to nature and the embodiment of both Eastern and Western sensibilities, the studio produces work spanning the boundaries of contemporary art and design, immersive installations and garments.

It has engaged in experimental work blending tradition with innovation based on the acquisition of both primitive techniques and digital tools,
with a priority emphasis on sustainable coexistence between humanity and nature throughout its design process.


With our art & design objects and installations, we weave tradition and innovation.
We master primitive techniques and digital tools to create spirited works that connect to nature within new forms.

With our garments, we dress the body and we dress the soul. Each piece is unique or in a very limited edition, handcrafted with great care and time.

With our interiors, we create, objects, lights, spaces and environments infused by Zen minimalism and practice, and by the will to provide comfort for the body and for the mind. In all our works, we embody a distinct philosophy incarnated with respect for environmental sustainability and for the makers working with us.


오마 스페이스(OMA Space)는 자연주의 철학을 바탕으로 창작활동을 하는 컨템포러리 아트&디자인 스튜디오입니다.
2009년 런던에서 장지우가 OMA Space를 설립하고, 2014년 서울 스튜디오를 시작으로 길경영, 다니엘 카펠리앙(Daniel Kapelian)이 합류해 결성되었습니다.

자연으로의 회귀와 동양적인 감성 구현을 목표로, 원시적인 기술과 디지털 도구를 결합하여
의상부터 설치 미술, 파인 아트까지 장르의 경계없이 혁신적이고 실험적인 컨템포러리 작업을 추구합니다.

지역 문화의 고유성을 유지하며 다양한 공예가들과 조화로운 협업을 하고,
자연과 사람이 상생할 수 있도록 심도 있는 관찰과 이해가 이뤄지며 예술적인 영감을 더해 오마 스페이스만의 가치를 만들어갑니다.

의상과 섬유 평면 작업을 시작으로, 다니엘 카펠리앙의 합류 이후 미디어 아트, 음악과 조우하여
혁신적이고 융복합적인 설치예술, 몰입형 체험 공간까지로 확장되었습니다.

2019년 한국 최초로 구글 프랑스와 협업한 인터렉티브 명상 설치물을 시작으로,
예술을 통한 치유와 정화를 목표로 한 몰입형 설치작업을 이어가고 있습니다.
현시대, 특히 코로나 팬데믹 시대에 우리 스스로를 자각하고 돌아볼 수 있는 기회를 부여할 것입니다.

오마 스페이스의 모든 작업은 영성 안에서 예술적으로 승화되어 본질적인 아름다움을 표현합니다.



Jang Jiu (aka Oma) is a Korean artist and the founder of OMA Space in 2010 in London. After years at London College of Fashion, and work as textile designer with Michio Koshino and Alexander McQueen, she came back to her roots in Seoul to open her studio in 2012. Since she has been expanding her own universe from garments to contemporary art and design, and large scale immersive installations. Exploring craft techniques, developing her own processes and innovations, Jang Jiu has created a unique touch, a singular aesthetic, elevating her art to reach a level of transcendence to reconnect people to nature and to themselves.



Daniel Kapelian is a French media artist, producer, curator. Daniel Kapelian cultivates his eclectic creativity to initiate projects with a crossover of disciplines and transversal forms.He activates a wide international network of resources, collaborators and partners. Since it started to partnered with OMA Space in 2018 he opened new directions to explore, from craft to art & technology mixing primitive techniques with digital tools. In 2019 OMA Space won the Google Art Residency to produce the studio’s first immersive installation in Le Mobilier National in Paris. Daniel has developed the OMA Space sound and video production through multiple collaborative projects.



Gil Kyoung–Young, graduated in 2014 at Seoul Dongduk Women University with a fashion design degree. She joined Jang Jiu in 2013 as junior designer to assist her and to learn from her textiles design, creation and production techniques. In 2018, after 5 years of training and apprenticeship she got a specialization in craft and weaving and became a partner in the studio. Since, she played a key role in all the production of projects, exhibitions and in the establishment of the studio. Today she is a multi skilled and talented person who takes care of the diverse management tasks of the studio’s life: design, production, administration, communication and graphic design.



Latest shows 

2021 <COSMOS>展 – 아원 뮤지엄 – 완주 / <COSMOS>展 – AWON museum – Wan-ju -11st November to 31st December (Art / Installation)

2021 Selvedge World Fair – London – 31st  August to 3rd September (Art / Hemp products)

2021 <Korea – Cubically Imagined>展 with BTS, PARASITE (봉준호), 국립중앙박물관, d’strict – 유네스코 프랑스 – 파리 (몰입형 VR, AR, video mapping, SFX 전시 / 프로듀서 – Daniel Kapelian) / <Korea – Cubically Imagined>展 with BTS, PARASITE (Bong Joon Ho and Brian Ku), National Museum of Korea, d’strict, Vive Studios, K’ARTS AT,  Tacit Group, Yiyun Kang – UNESCO – Paris – 6th to 17th July (Immersive exhibition, VR, AR, video mapping, SFX) / Daniel Kapelian (OMA Space) – Production, representation and PR

2021 <숨, 쉼>展, 조하나 x 오마 스페이스 – 지소 갤러리 – 대전 / <Breathing & Resting>展, Johana x OMA Space, JISO Gallery, Dae-jeon -24th June to 21st July (Art / Garments)

2021  베니스 비엔날레 한국관 <미래 학교> “의(衣)” 디자인 및 제작 / la Biennale di Venezia – The Pavilion of the Republic of Korea –22nd May to 21st November – THE HEMP MOVEMENT (Garments / Video)

2021  <INTO THE FOREST>展 – 아트마이닝 서울 주제공모전 – 노들섬복합문화공간 / <INTO THE FOREST> – NODEUL X ARTMINING – Seoul -18th February to 28th March (Art)

2020  명상 콘서트 <반향> 감독 및 프로듀서 – 경기시나위오케스트라 – 수원 / Concert Meditation <Elevation> Director & producer – Gyeong-gi Sinawi Orchestra – Su-won – December

2020 공예 트렌드 페어 – 주제관 <휴가예감 休家藝咁>展 / CRAFT TREND FAIR – Pavilion thematic <Contemplation in a traditional Korean house> – COEX – 3rd to 6th December (Art / Video Installation)

2020 <제6회 아트펜데믹>展 가나 아뜰리에 오픈 스튜디오 – 가나아트파크 장흥 아뜰리에 / The 6th Art Pendemic – Gana Atelier Open Studio – Gana Art Park in Jang-Heung –21st November (Art)

2020 Selvedge World Fair – London – 3rd to 5th September (Art / Garments)

2020 기획전 <고요한 관찰>展  – 장욱진 x 오마 스페이스 –  양주시립장욱진미술관 / <Observation>展 Chang Ucchin x OMA Space – Chang Ucchin Museum of Art – Yangju – Korea – 28th July to 27th September  (Installation / Art / Video Installation)

2020 <명상>展 – 느리게 걷기- 피크닉 – 서울 / <Mindfulness> –  SLOW WALK by OMA Space –  Piknic gallery – Seoul – 24th April to 27th September (Immersive Installation)

2020 <청풍명월>展 – (주)홍콩한국문화원 /<An Ode to Life> – Korean Cultural Center in Hong Kong -3rd June to 4th to July  (Installation)

2020 <집들이;공예>展 – 청주시한국공예관 확장 이전 개관전 / KOREAN CRAFT MUSUEM – Cheonju City – 24th April to 21st June  (Installation)

2019 <Please Touch The Thread>展 – 구글 자카드 첫번째 아티스트 레지던시 – TREE OF LIGHT by 오마 스페이스 – 프랑스 국립 모빌리에 박물관 – 파리 /  <Please Touch The Thread>展 – Jacquard by Google 1st Artist residency – TREE OF LIGHT by OMA Space – Mobilier National – Paris – 16th to 20th October (Immersive Installation)

2019 아름지기 기획전시 <고고백서 袴袴白書:우리의 바지展, 이천 년 역사를 넘어展, 전통과 현대가 만나다> / <Old Confessions 袴袴白書: Our Pants, Beyond Two Thousand Years of History>展 – Arumjigi foundation  – 30th August to 20th October (Garments)

2019 만해예술제 <나무가 눈 뜰 때> – 나루아트센터 / <When the trees open their eyes> Manhae Art Festival – Naru Art center – SEOUL -26th June  (Garments)

2018 OMA SPACE FALL / WINTER COLLECTION – SEOUL –27th October to 10th November (Garments)

2018 OMA SPACE SPRING / SUMMER COLLECTION – SEOUL –24th May to 2nd June (Garments)

2018 <LONDON CRAFT WEEK> – LIVINGSTONE STUDIO – LONDON -9th to 13th May (Garments – Art & Design)

2018 <COLLECT OPEN> – SAATCHI GALLERY – LONDON -22nd to 25th February (Art & Design)

2018 <NEW YORK FASHION WEEK> – URBAN ZEN – DONNA KARAN – NEW YORK – February to March (Garments)


Previous shows

2017 – OMA Space at Art By Hand – International Craft Fair – Museum of Art – Philadelphia (Garments & interior Design)

2017 – OMA Space at Heartwear – Li Edelkoort Studio, Paris (Garments)

2017 – OMA Space Solo Exhibition, Livingstone Studio, London (Garments & Interior Design)

2016 – OMA Space Solo Exhibition, Gana Art Gallery – Seoul Auction , Seoul (Installation – Art & Design – Garments)

2015 – Art Director of  <Korean Sewing Master Festival 2015>  Korean Ministry of Industry

2015 – OMA Space Solo Exhibition, Livingstone Studio, London

2013 – Leading ODA Project in LAOS  with Korea Craft & Design Foundation, Korean Ministry of Culture

2012 – OMA Space Solo Exhibition, Livingstone Studio, London

2011 – OMA Space Exhibition, Tao gallery, Amsterdam